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Need help fixing visual processing problems?

Know a student with identified visual processing problems...but difficulties are brushed over or missed in the school setting?

Have a kiddo on your caseload that struggles with visual tracking, fixation, eye teaming, or visual scanning?

Need tools to incorporate visual perception and visual-motor strategies right into the classroom?

Wondering how to help kids who can not visually attend to an object in order to focus for more than a few seconds?

Need real strategies to work on things like copying written work, letter reversals, or messy handwriting?

The Visual Processing Bundle is a comprehensive resource on oculomotor skills, visual perception, visual-motor skills.

Details about The Visual Processing Bundle:

Over 235 pages of tools, activities, resources, informaton, and strategies to address visual processing needs

Classroom accommodation ideas for visual perception challenges

Checklists for trialing various activities and strategies

2 leveled visual-motor integration workbooks...with data collection tools to monitor progress

Pencil control worksheets to integrate visual input and motor work in meaningful ways

Classroom activities that can be incorporated into reading, spelling, math, and other subjects...reducing the amount of extra "work"

Activity cards to guide therapy warm-up sessions or used in home program development

Specific and open-ended activity cards to address visual attention and spatial awareness

Visual tracking guide explain components of visual tracking and specific activities to improve tracking

SO much more!

This is a HUGE digital resource that you can download and use over and over again. 

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Visual Processing Bundle (Regular Price)

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