Impulse Control Journal

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Impulse Control Journal

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Does any of this sound familiar?

+ My child has boundary issues, and he bumps into other kids in the lunch line. He just can't keep his hands to himself!

+ My students lose homework pages and important papers everyday. They can't get it together. Learning is suffering!

+ My daughter grabs toys right out of her friend's hands. It seems like she can't control herself.

+ My son is so impulsive! He will run right through a parking lot full of cars!

+ A few of my students struggle with self-esteem because they are so focused on sensory issues that they can't pay attention in the classroom!

+ My clients are struggling with confidence issues because they don't have the tools to self-regulate. It's really impacting their learning!

The Impulse Control Journal is your ticket to helping kids manage their impulses, strategize ways to "shift gears", and learn valuable lessons in self-regulation.

Details about The Impulse Control Journal:

-80 page impulse control journal for kids to keep track of their day

-30 Drawing Journal Pages to reflect and pinpoint individual strategies

-28 Journal Lists so kids can write quick checklists regarding strengths, qualities, supports, areas of need, and insights

-8 Journaling worksheets to pinpoint coping skills, feelings, emotions, and strategies that work for the individual

-Daily and Weekly tracking sheets for keeping track of tasks and goals

-Mindset,Vision, and Habit pages for helping kids make an impact

-Self-evaluation sheets to self-reflect and identify when inhibition is hard and what choices look like

-Daily tracker pages so your child can keep track of their day

-Task lists to monitor chores and daily tasks so it gets done everyday

-Journal pages to help improve new habits

-Charts and guides for monitoring impulse control so your child can improve their self-confidence

-Strategy journal pages to help kids use self-reflection and self-regulation so they can succeed at home and in the classroom

-Goal sheets for setting goals and working to meet those goals while improving persistence

-Tools for improving mindset to help kids create a set of coping strategies that work for their needs

This is a HUGE digital resource that you can download and print to use over and over again.   

I want this!
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